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In the two previous parts I discussed why windows are not always the best first choice to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient, but can be a no brainer in some situations.  I also discussed the…

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In part 1 of this series I mentioned that a lot of people believe that I am against installing new windows as a way to make homes more efficient.  My response was that I am actually not against…

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It is the general opinion of my friends in the contracting industry (and other businesses for that matter) that I am against installing new windows in homes.  It is true that my mantra is “cost effective energy solutions…

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Remember when you were a kid during the summer and your parents would yell at you for leaving the door open.  “Close the door!  Are you trying to cool the whole neighborhood?”  Believe it or not, you’re still doing it now.  Only it’s not with the front door, it’s with…

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A buddy of mine, Dennis, that’s an exterminator called me the other day while I was standing in Home Depot.  “Jon, I’ve got a problem and I need some of your building science expertise.” The problem he was…

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In part one of the topic on indoor air quality; we discussed the factors that affect indoor air quality.  Now in part two we will discuss the steps that can be taken to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and why they are important to both you and your home.

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Madeline is a typical 13 year old.  She likes goofing off with her friends, texting, and hanging out in her room to “have her own space”.  When you enter Madeline’s room, the first thing you notice is that the walls are pink with scattered polka dots in a multitude of…

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One of the topics that people hear all the time from energy auditors, HVAC contractors, and builders is about indoor air quality.  When most people hear that phrase, they immediately think of particles floating through the air.  While that is a big part of it, there are other factors to…

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If you were to ask a homeowner what the most uncomfortable room in the house was, most of them would say “the bonus room” (of course assuming they have one).  The one room in the house that is…

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Why do we go to doctors when we are sick?  Isn’t it to find out what is wrong with us?  Don’t we rely on our doctors’ education, expertise, and experiences to provide us with a proper diagnosis?  Sometimes…

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