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Madeline's not so Bonus Room

Madeline is a typical 13 year old. She likes goofing off with her friends, texting, and hanging out in her room to “have her own space”. When you enter Madeline’s room, the first thing you notice is that the walls are pink with scattered polka dots in a multitude of colors. There are pictures of her friends, posters of the latest heartthrob, and the other usual knick knacks that 13 year old girls have scattered about. Unfortunately, the second thing you notice about Madeline’s room is that it’s freezing cold. What’s strange about it is that the rest of the house is comfortable, but not Madeline’s room. Is there something wrong with the heater? Are the windows to the room open? Is there some evil spirit that lurks in the dark recesses of her closet? The answer to all three of these questions is NO.

The true answer to the reason her room is so cold is that Madeline’s room is also the “bonus room” over the garage. As many people have experienced firsthand, the bonus room often isn’t that great of a bonus at all. Ask around and you will find there are many people that don’t even use the bonus rooms in their homes because they are so uncomfortable in the winter and the summer. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest and most important investments we make in our lives. Imagine having parts of it that you can’t use simply because it’s too uncomfortable to deal with.

The biggest problem with fixing these uncomfortable issues is that homeowners do not know where to turn. They go to doctors when they are sick and mechanics when they car breaks down, but when it comes to their homes’, they often turn to what they perceive will fix the issue, or even worse, turn to a salesperson who’s products are certainly the sure fix for their problems. The amount of money spent on products that are supposed to “fix” these problems and don’t is mind boggling. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a person that was an expert in building science and would be able to pinpoint the exact causes of the issues in each home?

Madeline’s parents found that person when they called a certified energy auditor. His certifications and experience allowed him to not only point out the issues affecting Madeline’s room, but also in other areas of the house. After performing the audit, he put together a prioritized improvement plan that showed Madeline’s parents how to fix their home’s issues in the most cost effective manner possible. Because this auditor also offered contracting services, they were assured that the improvements would be done exactly to the specifications of the audit.

Before the work was even fully completed, Madeline could feel a huge difference in the temperature of her room. It was now just as comfortable as the rest of the house. Imagine the smile on that auditor’s face when he received the following text: “OMG my room is totally awesome!!! THX!”

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