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It Costs More to be Comfortable in the Winter Than the Summer.

Contrary to popular belief, your overall utility bills are higher in the winter than in the summer.  Sure we get a big electric bill in the middle of the summer when its 95 degrees everyday and our A/C seems to run for 24/7.  In the winter, the days are shorter so we have the lights on more.  Because of the holidays, we add Christmas lights on the house and the tree.  Still we don't use as much electricity in the winter so our electric bill drops quite a bit.  In steps the gas bill.  Not only are we heating our homes and water, we tend to cook more because of the holidays.  All the issues that contribute to heat gain in the summer, not only contribute, but also seem to amplify the heat loss in the winter.

Lets use the utility bills from a recent energy audit of a customer (Mr. M) in Roswell for comparison.  In the height of summer heat, Mr. M's electric bill was $361 and his gas bill was $44.  Thats a total of $405.  In the middle of winter, Mr. M's electric bill dropped to $161 but his gas bill rose to $444.  Thats a total of $605.  Meaning, it cost Mr. M $200 more to live in his home in a single month. OUCH!

Here is an actual graph of Mr. M's energy usage: 

So its easy to see that it DOES cost more to be comfortable in the winter than in the summer.  What does this mean?  Cooler temperatures are all the more reason to have an energy audit and get those problems fixed.

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