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Here are some of the things our clients say about our company and services:

I had been looking for the right solution to my problem. The bonus room above my garage was hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Several insulation and HVAC contractors offered solutions that were no where near close to what I believed to be the real cause of the abnormal temperatures. I saw Jon's ad in our local magazine and thought that his energy audit was exactly what I needed. Jon spent 4 to 5 hours in my home performing visual inspections and computer monitored evaluations. His detailed analysis of the problems and proposed solutions made so much sense. Before he was even done with all of the proposed work, I could tell a dramatic difference in the comfort of the bonus room. As months go by, I continue to see a positive difference in the utility bills. I have and will forever recommend Jon for any and all energy improvement projects.

Eddie Cooper


We had an issue in our new home where the upstairs was very cold in the winter and very warm in the summer. The upstairs HVAC unit was inside the attic which was not insulated, so it had to work extra hard to heat and cool. Our problem was compounded by the fact that the previous owners of the house had filled the attic with rat poison, and with small children and pets, we were very concerned. We had other contractors including a pest control company offer solutions, but the solution offered by Efficient Energy Solutions, while not the least expensive, was by far the most solid approach. Jon's knowledge and years of experience became apparent very quickly and we knew that his team would provide us the best solution. We ended up having all of the fiberglass insulation, along with the rat poison vacuumed out of our attic and encapsulating the attic with an open cell spray foam. Jon explained exactly what needed to be done, how it was going to be done, and when it was going to be done. Jon was able to answer all of the questions we had. Jon and his team delivered exactly what was described, on time, and on budget. We are now reaping the benefits of his solution. With the days getting hotter, we notice the AC unit not working as hard, it used to run constantly, not any more. The temperature in the unfinished attic area only varies slightly from the air conditioned space. We are very happy we trusted Jon, he delivered.

Karl Hansen


What follows is an endorsement letter we wrote for Jon LaMonte of Efficient Energy Solutions. We hope it helps you make the call and save money too.

Dear Mr. LaMonte,

Being comfortable is often taken for granted until we are not. When we were experiencing uncomfortable temperatures in our home, we contacted you to conduct an energy audit. We were surprised at how many different areas of our home were the cause of unwanted air exchange. The photos you took to document your findings were informative and often surprising since you climbed in areas we had never seen. You educated us on a variety of building codes and reasons for the temperature discrepancies. You carefully pointed out and explained the most economical steps we could take for improving the comfort in our home year round. We took your advice and saw a reduction in our energy bills the very next month. Thank you for your professionalism. Thank you for saving us time and money. We will be sending others to The Energy Guy.


Richard and Gloria Snyder


Dear Jon

This letter is to thank you for helping us with our insulation issues in our home.  We have struggled for years with an air conditioning system that was no able to keep us under 80 degrees from Spring through Fall... You sealed the wall plates, insulated the knee walls, and of course increased our blown insulation in the attic...... For the first time ever, and I stress EVER, she asked me to turn the air down because she was freezing!...

You professionalism, timeliness and expertise is greatly appreciated and we will have little trouble referring you to our friends and family should the need arise....      (see full letter here)


Steven Roberts


Dear Jon

This letter is to thank you for your time and hard work not only in auditing my home for its energy efficiency, or lack thereof, but also in taking the time to explain your finding and the feasible solutions.... I now see how every house and home owner can benefit from your audits and the efficient energy solutions that you provide....  (see full letter here)

Sincerely yours

J. Marc Replogle


Hi Jon 

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for assisting one of my clients in your inspection and showing her how to maximize efficient energy.  I absolutely believe that her utilities will be reduced significantly as a result ofr your efforts.  Your professionalism and experience certainly makes you shine above the other competitors in your field.  (see full letter here)


Patrick K. Comeaux, Alliance Realty Team of Georgia


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